How To Lessen Smoke and Fire Damages

When your property ever falls victim to fire or smoke damages, contact the Parma fire damage restoration experts at ServiceMaster by Your Drying Solution. We’re your local experts who will do everything possible to restore your property back to normal with high quality results. We’ll help clean up the debris, salvage valuables, and restore your property’s structures.

The best way to minimize damages is to act swiftly. As you are waiting for the disaster restoration experts to arrive to your location, here are some tips on how you can help with the restoration process.

  • Open all doors and windows to air out the property of dust, smoke, and odors.
  • Clean fixtures to prevent discoloration and permanent etching.
  • Remove soot from items from items by vacuuming or blowing it off. Be careful to not press or touch the soot.
  • Place towels, tarps, or old linen on your floors to reduce additional soiling from foot traffic or settling dust.
  • If your electricity is shut off, remove all items from your refrigerator and place an odor-eliminating unit inside.
  • Place a damp cloth over your air vents to trap dust and soot.
  • Clean houseplants of any smoke and soot residue.

As soon as the Parma fire damage restoration crew arrives, they’ll take over the situation and begin the restoration process immediately. With ServiceMaster by Your Drying Solutions, your property will be in the hands of the reliable experts. We’ll do everything possible to get you back into your home or office as soon as possible.